Ghana in Fog: Paul Octavious’ Unreal Video of Soccer in the Park

Every now and again, you are rewarded for carrying around video recording capability.

Photographer and designer Paul Octavious was taking a stroll through the park. Unsurprisingly, there was a soccer game going on. So he decided to record. Turns out, he later found out that the team he was taping was the Ghanaian National Team.

Whether or not this actually is THE Ghanaian national team is a side issue. Many of us soccer folk have been told crazier stories by people claiming to be members of, or affiliated with, various national teams. The point is, this is a beautifully shot and edited video.

You can check out more of Octavious’ non-soccer work here, and then watch this over and over again. I can’t stop.

(H/T to @jellenp for putting us on.)

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  • Mary Allen

    Ah, this is gorgeous! I’m totally drawing a blank on the title of the music in the video…does anyone know?

  • dreamingpixel

    “Debussy – Claire de Lune”.. amazing work