Guitar Hero: Tomorrow’s Training For Footballers

Anything you can do with your hands, they can do better with their feet. Check out the behind the scenes footage from a Kasabian video shot in West London that shows a slightly different way to play Guitar Hero. The team of programmers and football freestylers were brought together to create a music video to promote Kasabian’s single, Underdog. I thought Guitar Hero was hard, but how sick is this?

These guys seem to find ways to work with footballers. Underdog is also used in the Sony Bravia ad with Kaka below. Not really surprising since they are on the Columbia Records label, which is part of Sony Music. Nevertheless, Sony seems to like this Kasabian-football combination.  I wonder what other interesting synergies Sony has lined up for them next. First, Sony uses Kasabian and football to promote a game on a Sony video game console.  Then Sony uses the same formula to sell their televisions. What’s next? The suspense, I tell you, it’s … yeah … um … yeah.

For more on the band, visit them here.

  • El Gringo Louco

    Actually, Kasabian also had part of their song LSF included in one of the earlier versions of FIFA Soccer as well. Natural synergy I think given that it’s high-energy british rock music from a Manchester band.

  • The Chairman

    They definitely don’t miss an opportunity. I wonder if Wayne’s a fan?