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Louis Vuitton Puts a Stranglehold on FIFA World Cup Marketing

We’ve given you some insight into the levels that some of the world’s best known brands have gone to market to football fans. However, it seems like none compare to the marketing efforts of Louis Vuitton. The luxury brand has taken its affiliation with football a step further with its latest campaign featuring the one name wonders, Pele, Maradona and Zizou. The latest campaign features the three icons of football playing a game of foosball in a bar while they reminisce about their glory days. Check it out here.

If that weren’t enough, Louis Vuitton’s selection as the designer of the official carrying case for the FIFA World Cup Trophy just served notice to all other brands that it means business when it comes to the Beautiful Game.  In selecting Louis Vuitton, FIFA said:

The FIFA World Cup Trophy is our most precious asset. It’s the most coveted trophy, not only in the world of football but beyond. It succeeds in uniting fans all around the world in a healthy competition for the final prize. A trophy as precious as the FIFA World Cup Trophy deserves a travel case of the same elegance and prestige. From now on, the trophy will not only travel in safety, but it will also travel in style.

Soccer fans all over the world can now rest easy because the FIFA World Cup Trophy will not only be well guarded, it will also be well accessorized. Once the one-of-a-kind order has been filled, the new man bag will be featured for the first time at this year’s World Cup in South Africa.

Somewhere, Cristiano Ronaldo is smiling.

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