Soccer On the Big Screen: New York Film Festivals + Screenings For the Soccer Obsessed

Kicking and Screening

Soccer has indeed made tremendous inroads in the United States, moving beyond the field and into the arts.  Thankfully, we’ve reached a point in the United States where soccer is now inspiring film festivals solely devoted to the game so at least some of us no longer have to sneak around back alleys to find the films we hear so much about. In the build up to the World Cup, New York-based soccer cinephiles will have the opportunity to spend their afternoons and or evenings indulging in soccer-inspired films at the following festivals:

The array of films at both events is impressive, ranging from works focusing on the actions of participants (individual players, officials and teams) to films showing the power of the game to bring about social change and films that simply capture the imagination and entertain.  For those lucky enough to be close enough to partake, enjoy!

The films featured are as follows:

The BAMcinematek Soccer Fever Series

Click here for directions to Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM) Cinematik.

2nd Annual Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival, NYC

Click here for directions to Tribeca Cinemas where the 2nd annual Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival will be held.

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