The Power of Football In Northern Kenya


There goes football again — brokering peace for all the communities.

Soldiers of Peace, a new documentary film, takes us into the world of conflict resolution.  In the excerpt below (courtesy of Telegraph 21), we meet a courageous Kenyan woman named Fatuma Abdulkadir who risks her life to bring peace to her community through the creation of a football league.

In northern Kenya, the effects of drought and deforestation have pitted local communities against one another in a struggle for arable land and water. As part of the conflict, young men were routinely sent out to fight one another. In an effort to quell the aggression, Fatuma decided to start a football league made up of young men from warring groups. The hope was that football would bring the young men together and enable them to look at one another differently. What follows is powerful and transformative.

Have at it.

For more information about Soldiers of Peace, visit our friends at  Telegraph 21.

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