There are Repercussions for Throwing Vuvuzelas and Cabbage

This is how you take care of crowd trouble.

Impose a record fine, demand a public apology from the team’s chairman, and threaten harsh penalties for any further problems.

In South Africa, Kaiser Chiefs fans decided to spice up a recent game by throwing vuvuzelas on the field. Oh, and a cabbage too. Unruly, I know.

South Africa’s Premier Socccer League (PSL) prosecutor, Zola Majavu, wasn’t having it. He told reporters:

“Should vuvuzelas continue to be used as missiles they could be banned from PSL matches. If a Chiefs fan so much as throws a piece of bread on to the pitch, Chiefs will forfeit the 500,000 rand.”

Serious words. Fulfilling his duty, Chiefs chairman Kaizer Motaung addressed unsavory fan behavior, saying:

“We call upon (fans) to help identify rogue elements intent on causing disruption. Once (they are) identified we intend to blacklist theses individuals.”

It’s a different approach to waiting to be fined and slapped on the wrist by FIFA or a regional/national federation.

Making a club chairman come out and apologize sets the tone that the club is ultimately responsible for fan behavior in the stadium. I think we’re all pretty sick of chairpersons blaming “a tiny minority” or “rogue elements” as if clubs are completely incapable of preventing fans from acting like clowns. Apparently Majavu is sick of it too, adding:

“I am sick and tired of prosecuting clubs for the same crimes. Something needs to be done. Fines are not the answer and the authorities need to come up with better solutions to (stamp) out hooliganism at stadiums.”

Maybe someone should send this guy to Europe after he finishes sorting out the PSL.

But perhaps the most interesting part of the story — how cool is it that the PSL has a league prosecutor? Cabbage tossers, beware. Your days are numbered.

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