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Anemo Heizou: Best Builds, Teams, Weapons, and Skills

Heizou is the newest character to join the world of Genshin Impact 3.3. He brings with him a powerful Anemo Catalyst that is sure to impact any team. Heizou is a formidable opponent and can be used in various builds, teams, and strategies. This blog post will explore the best builds, teams, weapons, and skills to use with Heizou in Genshin Impact 3.3.

Best Builds

Shikanoin Heizou is an Anemo Catalyst user in Genshin Impact 3.3. He has a lot of potential builds that players can explore. He is best suited as a burst DPS in most teams. Hence, the most optimal builds focus on increasing his damage output while supporting his teammates.

One of the best builds for Heizou involves equipping a 4-piece Noblesse Oblige set with a 4-piece Gladiator’s Finale set. This build amplifies Heizou’s impressive damage output, giving him both Anemo DMG Bonus and Physical DMG Bonus. This build also supports his allies by giving them Energy Recharge and Elemental Mastery bonuses.

For weapons, Heizou should equip the Skyward Blade and Prototype Rancour. The Skyward Blade provides an additional Anemo DMG Bonus. It increases his Elemental Skill DMG, while the Prototype Rancour increases his Physical DMG Bonus and Normal Attack SPD. These weapons are great options for Heizou and will greatly increase his overall damage output.

Finally, for Artifacts, the best options for Heizou are two 2-piece Gladiator’s Finale sets. This will give him an additional Physical DMG Bonus, Anemo DMG Bonus, and Energy Recharge. With this setup, Heizou will be able to put out some serious burst damage and help support his team at the same time.

Best Teams

For Shikanoin Heizou’s best teams, it is important to include characters with a good combination of Anemo and other elements. The best team composition for Shikanoin Heizou will involve having an Anemo character to take advantage of his Elemental Mastery, a Hydro character to pair with his Anemo attacks and a Pyro character to add another element to the mix. This should provide the perfect balance of offence and defence. Additionally, adding characters with shields and crowd control abilities can help ensure the team stays safe and deal plenty of damage simultaneously.

When it comes to assembling your best team for Shikanoin Heizou, here are some recommended characters:

Crowd Control Characters:

– Tartaglia (Childe)

Best Weapons

For Anemo Heizou, the best weapons to use are the Prototype Aminus, the Sacrificial Fragments, and the Favonius Sword. The Prototype Aminus has a base ATK of 48 and an Elemental Skill Damage Bonus of 16%. Its secondary stat is Anemo DMG Bonus, which increases Anemo DMG by up to 24%. This is a great weapon for Anemo Heizou as it boosts his Anemo DMG.

The Sacrificial Fragments also have a base ATK of 48 and a 15% Elemental Skill Damage bonus. Its secondary stat is Anemo DMG Bonus, which increases Anemo DMG by up to 20%. This weapon is great for increasing your Anemo DMG and works well with Anemo Heizou’s basic skill.

Finally, the Favonius Sword has a base ATK of 42 and an Elemental Skill Damage bonus of 12%. Its secondary stat is Energy Recharge, which increases the Energy Recharge rate by up to 20%. This weapon is perfect for helping Anemo Heizou recharge his energy quickly so he can use his basic skills more frequently.

Overall, these three weapons are the best choice for Anemo Heizou as they all increase his Anemo DMG and help him recharge his energy quickly.

Best Skills

When it comes to Shikanoin Heizou and Anemo Catalyst, the best skills are those that harness the power of the wind. Heizou’s Elemental Skill “Melt” creates a swirling gust of wind that deals Anemo damage, knocks enemies back, and creates a shield for himself and nearby allies that absorbs Anemo DMG. His Elemental Burst, “Hurricane Blast”, summons a large gust of wind that deals AoE Anemo damage and launches all nearby enemies. Heizou can also create a Vacuum Blade, which can be used as a powerful attack that deals with Anemo damage.

Heizou also has a passive ability called “Gales of Awakening” that increases his attack power when casting a basic skill or burst, as well as increasing the amount of energy regeneration and decreasing the amount of time needed to charge up basic skills and bursts. This is a great ability as it gives Heizou much extra power and makes him more effective in combat.

Overall, Heizou’s skills are great for dealing with multiple enemies simultaneously. The combination of his abilities and the Anemo Catalyst make him a formidable opponent on the battlefield.


When playing as Shikanoin Heizou, it is important to use the right materials to make the most of his Anemo Catalyst. The best material for him would be Anemo Sigils, which will increase his Elemental Mastery and boost his Elemental Damage.

Windwheel Aster, Windbarrier Seeds, and Windwheel Aster Leaves are the next best materials. These three items will all increase his Elemental Skill Damage and Elemental Burst Damage. Additionally, they will also increase his resistance to Wind Element attacks.

Heizou can also benefit from using other materials, such as Crystals and Clusters. Crystals will increase his attack and defence stats, while Clusters will provide extra energy for him to use in battle.

Finally, Heizou should also make use of windy stones and wind gliders. Windy stones will boost his Elemental DMG Bonus, while wind gliders will increase his Elemental Recharge Rate. These items will prove invaluable in helping Heizou take down his opponents quickly and efficiently.


Shikanoin Heizou is a powerful Anemo Catalyst character in Genshin Impact 3.3. With the right builds, teams, weapons, and skills, he can become an even greater force for you to use. The best builds for Heizou focus on his powerful Anemo abilities. In contrast, the best teams and weapons help to enhance those abilities. When it comes to skills, Anemo-focused ones are the way to go, and the materials used to craft them should also reflect this. With all these aspects considered, Heizou can be an effective team member.

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