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Walking Backwards Health Benefits Revealed

Wether you have been injured, suffer from chronic lower back pain or simply want to improve your overall fitness, walking backwards may be a good option for you. Backward walking has been shown to have several health benefits, and is a good way to burn calories and improve balance. It also provides mental and physical challenges to your body, and may improve your cardiovascular and skeletal fitness.


For starters, walking backwards forces your body to adapt to a new set of demands. It also increases the intensity of your workout, as you need to recruit more muscles to keep yourself upright. It also uses muscles that are not usually activated when walking forward. This helps to protect your joints from wear and tear. It also improves your ability to walk faster and improves your balance.


It also reduces pressure on your knee joints. It also burns more calories per minute than forward walking. It may also be good for preventing lower back pain.


Another study showed that backward walking had a positive effect on VO2 max, which is the highest amount of oxygen your body can use during an intense workout. This is because it increases the number of calories your body burns, which can be useful for maintaining a healthy weight.


Backward walking is also good for your knees. It reduces the amount of compression forces on your knee joint and shear forces, and it also strengthens the quadriceps muscles. In addition, it may increase the strength of the VMO, which is the muscle that stabilizes your knee joints. This is especially beneficial for people with knee osteoarthritis.


It may also help with shin splints. The different muscle groups in your thigh may be helpful in strengthening your shin splints. This is because they have different contraction patterns, which can help prevent strains.


In addition, backward walking increases kinesthetic awareness, which is the ability to detect and interpret a sensation in your body. It also improves your balance and vision, and can help with balancing on one foot. This is because it requires you to maintain a steady upper body and leg position. You must also focus on lifting your foot and extending your leg, and keep your chest up.


Walking backwards may be a good exercise for people who have been injured or are recovering from a knee injury. It may also be helpful for people with shin splints, sprained ankles, and Achilles tendon tears. This type of walking is also useful for people with chronic lower back pain, because it increases your quadriceps strength. It may also help you maintain a healthy weight, since it burns 40% more calories than forward walking.


While the health benefits of walking backwards are fairly obvious, many people may not be aware of the benefits. Luckily, it is relatively simple to get started. You may feel a bit awkward at first, but with a little practice, you’ll be amazed at the many benefits that this exercise can have for your health.


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